The Refitting of Pioneer 4

The new face of Echelon’s End

By E. Robert Dunn

“Echelon’s End” is an American science fiction book series created by E. Robert Dunn. The first book “Last Generation”, debuted via in 1997 and has been followed with a total of 13 additional titles since under various publishers. The series follows the voyages of the podship Pioneer 4 on its colonizing mission, the purpose of which was to extend utopian philosophy to worlds yet unknown. The Pioneer 4 was a space exploration terra-forming vessel built by the System Spacecorps in the 67th century. The “Echelon’s End” canon includes 14 serialized novels, a novelization of a graphic novel, a series glossary, and an online “The Worlds of Echelon’s End”.

“Echelon’s End” is an expansive sci-fi saga. The first book in the series is a meticulously organized story about survival on a strange alien world. After escaping the destruction of a much larger spaceship, the crew of the Pioneer Pod 4 crash-lands on this strange alien world. Books 2 through 14 chronicle the adventures of the podship crew in the fight for survival in an unfriendly and often hostile universe as they try to find a place to call Home.

As with all evolving storylines, there have been several versions of the series’ timeline. Such out-of-print and/or outdated versions still ‘pop’ up online from time to time. Such titles are usually edited down interpretations of the original manuscripts. These renditions varied from the style and details of the original manuscripts.

The novels of the 1990s and early 2000s tended to vary from canon more than later series books published in 2018 and 2019. Since most novels were produced by publishers and editors not affiliated with the original storylines content, generally regard the events and situations in the early adaptations as completely apocryphal. However, with self-publishing becoming more and more of an acceptable means of publishing, “Echelon’s End” is now under the banner of Inkpendent Publishing with title contents being of their original manuscript forms, and new covers, such as:

New Echelon's End book releases available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle
New Echelon’s End book releases available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

These new titles have ‘revamped’ the saga series with original storylines filled with adventure and character development, as well as detail descriptions of spacecraft engineering and world-building cultures along with futuristic planetscapes.

Inkpendent Publishing, under the leadership of William Green, is planning on re-releasing all original titles from Book 1 – 14 with trendy cover artwork and true-to-canon content into 2020. Books 1 through 4 have already been released in 2019, with Book 1: Last Generation available via IngramSpark just in time for the 2019 Holiday Season!

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